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ABC Alphabet Letters: Splendid Toys to Boost Learning!

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BalanceFrom Kid’s Puzzle Exercise Play Mat


  • 36 foam tiles
  • 9 colors
  • 54 end borders
  • Tiles are 12″x12″x0.4″ (one square foot)
  • Total coverage 36 square feet


  • Tiles lock together
  • Great for letter and number practice
  • Comfortable to walk/crawl on
  • Letters pop out
  • 2 year warranty

Heidi’s Thoughts: I used an alphabet play mat in my first grade classroom and they loved it! The students linked the letters to create a pathway, cubes and many other fun things!

My sister-in-law has a play mat and her preschooler has loved playing on it! One great learning game they have discovered is to jump onto each letter while saying the name of the letter. (This could be extended to practicing the letter sounds as well!)


SGIL Magnetic Doodle Board


  • One large drawing board with an attached stylus
  • 3 stamps; square, circle, and triangle
  • Uses 4 colors; green, blue, yellow, and red
  • Carrying handle on top
  • Lightweight


  • Encourages creativity through open-ended drawing and writing
  • Offers practice with coordination
  • Provides more drawing space because of the larger size

Heidi’s Thoughts: We recently got a similar doodle board for our daughter. She’s only one, but she thinks it’s pretty great to “draw” all over the board!

We love it because she can “draw” on anything and there’s no mess to clean up!


Lego Duplo My First Alphabet Truck


  • 26 letter bricks (each with an alphabet letter)
  • 10 assorted LEGO bricks
  • 1 LEGO DUPLO truck
  • 1 ABC poster
  • 3 figures; boy, girl, and teddy bear


  • Teaches the alphabet in a non-traditional way
  • Inspires creativity
  • Develops fine motor skills
  • Sets the stage for imaginative play
  • Provides an introduction to building

Heidi’s Thoughts: This toy stood out to me because it looked so fun! Providing as much exposure to the alphabet letters as possible while having a blast!

Little ones love to learn new things, drive things around, and build. What a great way to combine the three!


Battat Hide & Seek Alphabet Pop-Up


  • 50 colorful flaps that pop open when the button is pushed
  • 26 letters A-Z, 14 shapes, numbers 1-10
  • Handle on top for easy carrying


  • Offers opportunities to learn about letters, numbers, shapes, and colors
  • Reinforces learning uppercase and lowercase letters
  • Helps to develop hand-eye coordination
  • Great to take in the car!

Heidi’s Thoughts: My daughter had one of these given to her. She’s still quite young to push the flaps open by herself, but she does like to do it with me or her dad.

It could provide great practice with a child who is 3+ years old!


Vtech Spinning Lights Learning Hippo


  • 26 fun facts
  • 6 activities
  • 26 melodies
  • 4 sing-along songs
  • 50 quiz questions
  • Requires 2 AA batteries (included)


  • Teaches letters, counting, phonics, and vocabulary
  • Encourages language development
  • Engages through different ways such as pulling the lever, pushing buttons, pressing the hippo’s mouth and rolling the ball

Heidi’s Thoughts: This toy offers a variety of ways to interact with it. It’s bound to have something that connects with every child.

Kids particularly like toys that make sounds and light up!


Melissa and Doug Alphabet Sound Puzzle  


  • 26 wooden letter pieces
  • Says the name of each letter when the puzzle piece is matched correctly with the picture underneath
  • Requires AAA batteries (not included)


  • Offers interactive practice with pronouncing the letter names
  • Reinforces each letter and sound relationship
  • Gives another way to practice spelling words using the letter pieces

Heidi’s Thoughts:This looks like a simple and interactive way to help your child learn the letters of the alphabet!

Here you have the option to hear a voice pronounce the letter names and then matching them to pictures of items that begin with the same letter , win win!


Melissa and Doug Deluxe Wooden Stamp Set ABC/123 Blocks  


  • Includes 71 wooden-handled upper- and lowercase letters, numbers, symbols, and punctuation stamps, four-color washable ink Stamp pad
  • 25 page Activity Book focusing on reading, writing and math skills


  • Refines fine motor skills
  • Helps to develop language, number, and problem solving skills
  • Provides a fun way to add their own personal touch to their creations (ie. cards)
  • Offers great practice for matching the uppercase and lowercase letters

Heidi’s Thoughts: I used alphabet stamps in my first grade classroom. They provided a new approach to spelling words (stamp them!) and matching the uppercase and lowercase letters. They also loved using the letters to stamp their own names!

Depending on your child’s age this could be a great independent activity!


Melissa and Doug Upper and Lower Case Alphabet Puzzle  


  • 52 letters
  • Wooden Puzzle board
  • A picture under each piece (different picture for the upper and lower case letters of each letter)


  • Allows your child to match the name of the letter to its sound
  • They can also match the shape of the letter to its space on the puzzle
  • Offers practice with putting the letters in alphabetical order
  • Gives a chance to sing the ABC song while pointing at the letters!

Heidi’s Thoughts: Puzzles offer many benefits to young (and not so young!) learners.

This one is particularly great because it has all uppercase and lowercase letters right next to each other, which can help your child in connecting them together.


Leapfrog Fridge Phonics Magnetic Letter Set


  • 26 interactive alphabet tiles
  • 1 Magnetic Tile Reader
  • When a letter is placed on the bus and pushed once, it says the name and sound
  • When a letter is placed on the bus and pushed twice, it uses the letter in a word and sentence


  • Offers a fun way to practice the alphabet, right in your kitchen!
  • Reinforces the letter names and sounds
  • Builds vocabulary
  • Strengthens coordination skills

Heidi’s Thoughts: My daughter already loves to play with magnets on the fridge.

This would be a great way to engage her (or any child) with learning and practicing the alphabet, all while I ( or you!) cook dinner!


Leapfrog Mr. Pencil’s ABC Backpack


  • 26 letters
  • 1 Write and Erase Board
  • 1 Leapfrog character Mr. Pencil
  • Plastic backpack for storage
  • 7 activities that introduce letter names and sounds, writing, reading, drawing and animals
  • 2 AA Batteries required (included, but it is suggested you replace them at home)


  • Letters appear on the screen, you hear the sound of the letter and see a picture of an animal that begins with the letter
  • Provides a fun and interactive way to explore, learn and practice the alphabet letters and related sounds and pictures
  • Young children love to have their own backpack and “go to school!”

Heidi’s Thoughts: This is just so cute! All kinds of relevant activities tucked inside a portable backpack.

Sounds like an awesome way to help your child really get familiar with the letters of the alphabet and connect it to real world things like animals!


Leapfrog My Own Leaptop


  • 1 play computer
  • 4 learning modes; ABCs, messages, games, and music
  • 16 songs and melodies
  • Handle for easy carrying


  • Provides practice learning the letter and animal names
  • Can customize it to spell your child’s name
  • Send and receive pretend emails
  • Helps your child be like mom and dad, with their own little computer

Heidi’s Thoughts: What a fantastic way to pretend play while taking advantage of the various learning opportunities included!

It also teaches your child responsibility through taking care of their own computer/toy. 🙂


Learning Resources Alphabet Island, A Letters and Sounds Game


  • 1 game board
  • letter cards and tokens


  • Invites fun practice recognizing letters
  • Encourages practice with vocabulary skills
  • Match uppercase and lowercase letters or beginning sounds with corresponding pictures
  • Learn and practice taking turns

Heidi’s Thoughts: As a teacher, I was always looking for new ideas to give my students practice with mastering new skills.

Playing games can provide a great opportunity to reinforce concepts like alphabet letters, practice with social skills like taking turns and learning to communicate with others.


Learning Resources Letter Blocks


  • 36 blocks; 20 consonant blocks, 10 vowel blocks (2 of each)
  • Storage bag


  • Can be used to stamp out letters in clay or play dough
  • Stackable, your child can literally build words!
  • Reinforces letter recognition
  • Provides practice for spelling simple words

Heidi’s Thoughts: Talk about versatile and fun! These blocks could provide hours of engaged learning.

If your child is using play dough to stamp out the letters, consider also inviting them to create objects that start with the same letter they are stamping out/ word they are creating. ie. while making the letter /s/ they could form a /snake/ with the play dough.


Learning Resources Letter Construction


  • 73 pieces in blue, green, orange, and purple
  • Snap pieces together to build uppercase and lowercase letters
  • 13 Activity cards with step-by-step instructions


  • Provides a unique approach to learning the alphabet
  • Develops fine motor skills
  • Presents opportunities to create letters
  • Helps to prepare children for writing

Heidi’s Thoughts: A great “think outside the box” type of activity. Dump the pieces out and see the creative wheels turn in your child’s mind!

One suggestion is to have your child trace the letters with their finger after building them, to reinforce the shape.

Which alphabet toys catch the attention of your little one(s)? Please share in the comments below!

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  1. Thank you for including the benefits and features of each toy. There are so many to choose from. It helps make a decision on what the best toy for a child would be. Your personal thoughts help me understand someone else’s point of view.

  2. That’s quite an impressive list of alphabet toys! This will be very helpful for parents with young kids who want educational toys. I love the puzzle with the upper and lower case letters! That’s a great way for preschool age kids to practice their alphabets.

    • There are many fun things! I hope to help parents by providing a narrowed, detailed list that they can choose from to get the best toy for their children. I love the floor puzzle as well!

  3. You have provided another awesome list of great learning toys for our children, you know these types of toys are very important for toddlers more today than ever before. My nephews shared their son needs to know his ABCs and able to count to 10 before he attends kindergarten in the next few years, so these learning toys are not an option but a must for parents to provide their children to be ready for kindergarten today.


    • I agree, Jeff! It will be a great help to the kids who have parents who are involved preparing them to go to school and progressing in so many areas. I really hope these toys will offer support and fun to these learning opportunities at home and at school!

  4. I’m just glad there are still physical alphabet toys/games around. I bet many folks are just giving their toddlers iPads or smartphones with some alphabet learning app instead of a real toy.

    I think it’s important to let your kid play with all sorts of physical, real-world objects. We as a species are heading to a completely digital world but I would hate to live in a world where board games, crayons and other physical learning tools wouldn’t be a thing.

    Thanks for the recommendations!

    • Yes! Having hands-on type games and activities is so important to the growth and progress of children! I think technology has its place, but real-world interactions is especially crucial for the younger learners. I’m so glad they were helpful!

  5. Children can learn a lot from playing with educational toys. When You join them, they get an opportunity not only to learn but also to have fun at the same time.

    These splendid toys can definitely make education enjoyable and help the children in retaining things and develop a positive attitude toward learning.

    • I definitely agree! They love to have adults join them in their play! There are many benefits to that:) I do think these toys will reinforce the skills they are learning and practicing.


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